Can You Freeze Almond Milk What You Need to Know


I’ve always seen most people discarding milk because it has gone wrong. Little did they know that they can preserve it so that it won’t go wrong. Well, cold almond milk is an excellent way to make it last for a more extended period.

So if you’ve prepared or bought almond milk in bulk, you won’t let it go wrong while you can freeze it. Of course, the taste could vary a bit from the fresh juice. However, it would be safe and nutritious. In this post, I’ve compiled a couple of things you should know when freezing almond milk for later use.


Leave enough headroom for milk to expand

When milk changes its form from liquid to solid, it expands and takes up a few inches of space in the container. So if the container is full, the internal pressure of the stable milk can cause it to burst in the freezer. And the bursting of a vessel can make a mess in the fridge. Thus it’s pivotal to leave a room on top of the container so that your milk can freely expand.

Stick date your containers

If you want to freeze batches, you can also use a glass freezer-safe container. Then after pouring milk into those containers, you mustn’t miss labeling an expiry date. Just like any product, you should write the day of packing and expiration date. If you’re not comfortable with your containers to have marks, you can simply stick a piece of masking tape and label it.


Put your containers in the freezer

When all set, containers labelled and tightly closed, you can put them in the freezer. Make sure that the boxes stand upright and also the temperature shouldn’t exceed the freezing point.

Storage duration

Almond milk can last for a long time in the freezer. But it’s recommended to store it for two months. Because when they stay longer in a freezer, they may end up absorbing odors and the flavors of other stuff in the fridge.

When you notice a yellowish color after the freezing process, it will not be a sign of getting spoiled. It’s healthy, and you simply remedied by mixing on a blender. However, if your milk weren’t fresh when you froze it, it would be at the same state when thawed

Can You Freeze Almond Milk What You Need to Know

Homemade almond milk

If you want to stick on your budget, you can make your almond instead of buying in-store. My homemade almond milk, you’ll be sure that you are freezing the fresh produce.

Making almond milk doesn’t require experience. Pure soak almonds in water. When they are soaked, blend almonds with water and strain the liquid to remove the almond meal.

To wrap up

When you’re ready to use frozen almond milk, you just simply thaw it and enjoy it in smoothies, use it for baking, and so forth. Final note, you mustn’t thaw milk under hot water, but you can thaw in the refrigerator. Enjoy your almond milk.

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